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Peace Mob Garden

Urban gardening as part of the Kearsley Park Block Redevelopment Project LLC, in Flint, Michigan: Overgrowing poverty and crime one lot at a time.

Positive. Autonomous. Action. Force.

Peace Mob Gardens and Kearsley Park Block Redevelopment Project LLC. is looking to expand our volunteer work force for the 2012 gardening season. No matter how much “extra” time you may have to spend with us this summer and fall, we are always very grateful and thankful to our volunteers. Even as little as 1 hour a month gets us closer to the goals and saves the bodies of our residents from growing exhausted and over worked while adding diversity, new knowledge and enhanced skills to the efforts of Peace Mob Gardens.

Everyday is a work day and regularly scheduled events can be found on FB/peacemobgardens or our android phone calendar synch at is required so please contact Jerin Sage or Phillip Jacks on FB to be added to the list. We also offer a mass text message update for all of our events, activities and accomplishments (regular carrier rates and charges apply) that you can join by sending “ADD (Your Full Name) PMG” to (810) 429-7729. To cancel these updates send “STOP (Your Full Name) PMG” to (810) 429-7729 at any time.

We are located on the 1400 block of Illinois Avenue in Flint, Michigan and encourage all of you to come enjoy the many wonderful projects and people that together make the Peace Mob. All ages are welcomed however, children under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present. We have a security and liability waiver that all volunteers and visitors must sign to ensure the safety and level of responsibility required to participate in any activities that Peace Mob Gardens may host. Regularly scheduled educational workshops for people of all ages are offered free of charge on a first come first serve basis and special reservations can be made for private groups with specific educational needs or goals for a fee (charges will be based off of the cost of needed supplies and materials for your group and rental of the needed space/time).

What do we need you to do?

Every Single Bit of Effort, Attention, or Action that is devoted to the ideas of Positive Autonomous Action (Peace Mob) is needed to help influence members of our community to step up and make the changes that are necessary for a more positive and prosperous future. Too vague? We need Leaders and Followers, Movers and Shakers, Students and Teachers, Business Professionals and Professional Businesses. In other words, we need people from all walks of life with diverse interests and information that can add to our amazing and dedicated crew. We need coordinators for tours, work-days and work-shops. We need laborers to help weed, mow, plant and train our many lots. We need builders to help build the many projects/ideas that are in progress or to come. We need creators to establish new ideas, concepts and projects to share with our community. We need technical support to help manage and organize the mailing lists, internet presence, digital media and community outreach efforts. We need artists to come decorate and manifest dreams of beautification. We need innovative and creative people that are not afraid to get up, stand up and get in this fight against poverty, failing education systems and community decay. Do Not Feel Limited or out of options. Do Not Allow yourself to be told ,”There’s nothing to do” or “it’s too late”. Do Not Think or believe that you cannot make a difference in this world. Do Not give up. Do Not give in. You can be part of a Positive Autonomous Action Force…Most of you that are reading this are a piece of The Peace Mob already…you just didn’t know that this ideology has already been defined and actively collecting like-minds.

If you are unable to physically make it out to to experience our project but like what we have going on and want to help us out… “LIKE” and “SHARE” our posts and pages. Also, we accept contributions through PayPal, most Credit Cards and Personal Checks. Please look to our Facebook page at and click on the “LIKE” and then “Donate” buttons on the top of the screen. Checks can be made out and sent to Kearsley Park Block Redevelopment Project LLC. 1420 Illinois Ave. Flint, Mi 48503 or deposited directly to Chase Bank Account under Kearsley Park Block Redevelopment Project LLC. More to come always so KEEP YOURSELF UPDATED and INVOLVED:)

We do what we do because it NEEDS to be done. We will not wait for a paycheck. We will not wait for someone to tell us it needs to be done. We are writing our own instructions. We are laying our own paths. We are asking for you to join our efforts in anyway possible.


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This year at Peace Mob Gardens, we will be expanding our project with the construction of an Eco-friendly and self sustainable structure informally named the “hobbit house”, the continuation of efforts towards the foundation and landscaping of the Peace Mob Orchard as well as launching K.P.B.R.P or Kearsley Park Block Redevelopment Project LLC.

With the demolition of the dilapidated houses completed, we have the opportunity to utilize our new land for an expanded food and demonstration gardening as well as begin our housing revitalization project. We hope to have a lot of active community involvement and integrate sustainable living practices an urban farming into the lives of many Flint residents. Keep updated on our facebook page, Peace Mob Gardens and make sure to stop by the 1400 block of Illinois Ave. To get involved or to donate please contact Jerin Sage or Phil Jack via FB. The needs and wants list will be posted soon!

Thanks for all of the support and help throughout the years! The East side community has been greatly effected by the Love Bombs dropped by The Peace Mob! BOOM!

Peace Mob Youth Quest Participant Signatures
Peace Mob Youth Quest Participant Signatures

On the 28th of June we were lucky to have a group of around 50 students from Montrose and Southwestern Academy come visit us @ the garden for educational workshops and tours about urban farming and revitalization.
There were three introductory concepts provided through hands on workshops covering Arts, Gardening and Construction.

Intro to Arts: Understanding reappropriation and beautification.
This workshop was centered around reusing old bricks as a decorative edging for one of our beds (picture coming soon). Everyone had an opportunity to spraypaint one brick from a burned down house to show how a little effort, color and team work brings out the best in some otherwise overlooked and useful materials. Everyone also contributed to the making of an autographed sign giving credit to all of the wonderful Youth Quest people who came out to help (pictured above.sideways.)

Introduction to Gardening: Self Sustainability and Urban Farming techniques. This workshop was an inclusive hands-on planting experience in which each participant learned about Lasagna Gardening, Weeding, Water Catchment systems, different types of flowers/fruits/vegetables and the importance of healthy cheap food in a community. Below is the start of the Youth Quest flower bed at Peace Mob Gardens. 

Green House made from reappropriated / recycled materials of windows from abandoned houses, 2 liter bottles and scraps of wood.

Green House made from reappropriated / recycled materials of windows from abandoned houses, 2 liter bottles and scraps of wood.

Start of flower bed path at Peace Mob Gardens on June 30.

Start of flower bed path at Peace Mob Gardens on June 30.

Introduction to Construction: Recycling, Reappropriation, and Reusing.
In this workshop participants brought two empty 2 liter bottles to be reused and reappropriated into the wall of a windowbox greenhouse. By cutting off the bottoms of the bottles and glueing the rest together in colums each person did there piece in building a neccesary component of gardening, the greenhouse. Great Job!
With support from the Flint River Farm, Jenny Bs Garden Party, The Weed Lady, Richs Greenhouse, Youth Quest, and Peace Mob volunteers the day was full of smiles, fun, shared learning and was a huge sucess for urban farming/revitalization here in Flint, Michigan. Thanks again to everyone who participated and helped get our message out there. Hope to see you soon!

Transplanting flowers is a very quick and easy way to add that little extra to your home or garden. And just about anyone can do it! After selecting what types, sizes, and colors your flowers will be you will need to plant them in the ground or a pot very soon after purchasing. This will ensure healthy growth of the root systems and allow your flowers to be at the top of their potential.

A couple tools that help a lot are the garden trowel, and a transplanter. (The transplanter is more narrow and usually has measurements on the blade)

Dig your transplanter anywhere from 4-6″ in the soil where you want your flowers and twist 360 degrees while lifting all of the dirt out of the newly created hole.

Gently squeeze the outside of the plastic flat to loosen the root system of your flower from the container. At the base of the stem, lightly pull the plant out until there is enough soil to grip on. Remove the plant and place it in the center of the hole.

Moss Rose

Fill in the hole around the transplant with soil and lightly pack until firmly planted in the soil.

Repeat this process until your space is filled and your flats are empty. Enjoy your beautiful new flower bed!

Moss Rose, Marigold, and Snap Dragon flowers

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TILL UPDATE 4/28: (fingers crossed for Friday or Monday) as soon as were tilled we can begin pathways and lasagna gardening.

1pm at the Peace Mob Garden (1425 Illinois ave). Join us for some spring cleaning of our lots, scrapper mess cleanup, and continued painting/prep of the teenage nursery windows. We want and need your help to accomplish everything on the to-do lists.

Bioremediation technique

We have had a lot of scrappers and vandals causing damages to our lots and houses this winter and need support from you to get it back! Presence is the most powerful tool we possess and must be potent and consistant to stick! Please come kick it with us and do your part in turning this city around this Friday! Tell a friend or family member about the Garden and what it means to you and your community! Thanks for your interest in Peace Mob Gardens!

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Hello everyone!
This Friday, April 22nd we will be celebrating the 41st anniversary of Earth Day by cleaning up the streets and sidewalks in some of the blocks of the Kearsley Park Neighborhood. Peace Mob Garden will be the central meeting spot from noon-8pm this Friday and is located at 1425 Illinois ave. Flint, Mi.

this Friday is Earth day

Please bring any extra trash bags, gloves, shovels/rakes, snacks, love, etc… if you have them available to share. There will be some food (bring ur bridge card if you can afford to kick down to the get down) and art projects such as preparing the windows for construction of the mobile green house!

Please join us (all ages welcome with parent or guardian) anytime from noon-8pm to do your part in picking up the streets so we can have a bright and enjoyable new season ahead of us instead of this…..

....our city in July if we dont do something now!


2010. We are the stewards of this land. We are the projectors of life and love. We are an Autonomous Action Force. We are here and want you to join us!

We are in need of our main garden lot to be tilled in the next two weeks if anyone has a tractor or anything to help.
This process is important to mix our previous years “lasagna garden” layers, leaves from the fall and existing manure/soil together. Once tilled, we will have loose soil with plenty nutrients and air supply to lay our new “lasagna gardening” and plant our crops.
We understand if compensation for gas or time is needed but are working on a zero dollar budget as of now and will have to fundraise for those expenses if needed.
Please contact me here or on facebook if you can help! Thanks for your interest in Peace Mob Gardens!