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Peace Mob Garden

Urban gardening as part of the Kearsley Park Block Redevelopment Project LLC, in Flint, Michigan: Overgrowing poverty and crime one lot at a time.

TILL UPDATE 4/28: (fingers crossed for Friday or Monday) as soon as were tilled we can begin pathways and lasagna gardening.

1pm at the Peace Mob Garden (1425 Illinois ave). Join us for some spring cleaning of our lots, scrapper mess cleanup, and continued painting/prep of the teenage nursery windows. We want and need your help to accomplish everything on the to-do lists.

Bioremediation technique

We have had a lot of scrappers and vandals causing damages to our lots and houses this winter and need support from you to get it back! Presence is the most powerful tool we possess and must be potent and consistant to stick! Please come kick it with us and do your part in turning this city around this Friday! Tell a friend or family member about the Garden and what it means to you and your community! Thanks for your interest in Peace Mob Gardens!

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