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Peace Mob Garden

Urban gardening as part of the Kearsley Park Block Redevelopment Project LLC, in Flint, Michigan: Overgrowing poverty and crime one lot at a time.

Hello everyone!
This Friday, April 22nd we will be celebrating the 41st anniversary of Earth Day by cleaning up the streets and sidewalks in some of the blocks of the Kearsley Park Neighborhood. Peace Mob Garden will be the central meeting spot from noon-8pm this Friday and is located at 1425 Illinois ave. Flint, Mi.

this Friday is Earth day

Please bring any extra trash bags, gloves, shovels/rakes, snacks, love, etc… if you have them available to share. There will be some food (bring ur bridge card if you can afford to kick down to the get down) and art projects such as preparing the windows for construction of the mobile green house!

Please join us (all ages welcome with parent or guardian) anytime from noon-8pm to do your part in picking up the streets so we can have a bright and enjoyable new season ahead of us instead of this…..

....our city in July if we dont do something now!


2010. We are the stewards of this land. We are the projectors of life and love. We are an Autonomous Action Force. We are here and want you to join us!

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